Wifi & Networking

Secure Connectivity

Reliable, secure and high-speed networks and internet have now become a necessity for all aspects of life and is the back bone of any business.

Designed for function

Smart CP design and install Network and WiFi solutions that work within your business. A complete design process will take into account the construction and materials, the interior design and uses of the network for now and future use.

Structured Cabling

Our solutions will give you a hard-wired data network to all areas using structured cabling, whether it be CAT5, CAT6, or even fibre optic. This simple, yet effective, approach allows a variety of services to be sent around your business and shared between different parts of the building as required.

Reliable & Secure

WiFi networks need to be secure, they are essentially your door step and are vulnerable unless protected. We design and install your network to be setup with the correct hardware to protect your business.