PA Systems

Public Address Systems

Be heard with a professional PA system. Whatever your audience, we can supply your business with the right PA system to meet your presentation needs, along with any video presentation equipment, training and onsite support that you may require.

Be Heard

A public address installation or PA system installation is often installed within an office building, school, factory, leisure centre or hotel and is often used to make voice announcements to different areas or zones or to amplify a voice for use in an auditorium or meeting etc. They can also be used to broadcast music or other sounds as required.


A public address system installation may feature what we refer to as a 100 volt line distributed speaker system where there are numerous speakers whether these are ceiling speakers or small cabinet speakers installed into different areas or zones within a commercial building.


Each area can also have its own independent source select and volume control so whether you require radio in one room or another source of music in the function room so every eventuality can be catered for as required.