Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic Clarity for any space.

We cover all areas of interior acoustics, from initial assessments and testing, to design and supply & install of acoustic panels and sound masking systems.

What application do I need?

1Wall Applications
Sound absorbing wall products are fixed flush with the wall to prevent damage from impact. Therefore, sound absorbing wall applications usually have a lower absorption coefficient than hanging ceiling panels, which are afforded an air gap behind the panel. However, unlike ceiling panels, wall panels have been given a greater aesthetic consideration by manufacturers and are available in more finish options and colours than ceiling panels. Consequently, acoustic wall applications are ideal for offices with exposed service ceilings and which require an aesthetic solution to match the design of the office. Wall panels are also perfect for spaces where acoustic solutions must be discreet and blend into existing infrastructure, such as restaurants. Fabric Wall is a great example of this. Having no exposed track, the solution looks like a fabric covered plasterboard wall, with the added benefit of absorbing sound.
2Ceiling Panels
Hanging panels are commonly suspended from the ceiling, with a gap between the panel and the soffit. Therefore, ceiling panels are perfect for spaces with busy wall services, or where minimalist and bare walls must be retained. An added benefit of hanging panels is the ability to absorb sound on all sides, thus making them an extremely effective acoustic solution. Furthermore, acoustic baffles are ideal for busy ceilings where light fittings and heating systems shouldn’t be blocked. Panels and baffles can be used in a wide range of room types – they look great in restaurants and bars but can also provide practical acoustic absorption in meeting rooms and classrooms.
Office pods are a modular furniture solution to create a room within a room. Office pods offer increased acoustics for meetings, training, office work & phone calls. The pods are built around a screen panel frame & are linked together to create a room or series of rooms without the need for any wall fixings, making the pods a great demountable acoustic solution.
Acoustic office screens can be located next to each other to create quieter spaces for work or training or simply to reduce the noise of a copier.